Truck Alignment Services in Janesville, WI

Misalignment is a far more common problem than you might think, and it can lead to a host of issues that will drain your wallet. At Block Diesel Repair in Janesville, Wisconsin, we have the expertise and specialized equipment to diagnose and correct any alignment issues in your trucks or trailers.

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What is Truck and Trailer Alignment?

Truck and trailer alignment refers to the adjustment of your wheels' angles to ensure they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Proper alignment helps to reduce tire wear and improve handling and stability, which is essential for the safe and efficient operation of your trucks and trailers.

Improper alignment can cause uneven tire wear, leading to costly replacements and affecting the handling of the vehicle. Although this may not seem like a problem at first, it can cause a less stable and comfortable ride for the driver and potential damage to the cargo. Proper alignment is essential to ensure the safety and longevity of your vehicles, as well as maintaining fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

How to Spot Poor Alignment in Your Truck or Trailer

There are several signs that your truck and trailer may need alignment services. These include uneven tire wear, pulling to one side, steering wheel vibration, and more. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our experienced technicians to diagnose and repair the issue.

Our Truck & Trailer Alignment Services

If you need truck and trailer alignment, come by Block Diesel Repair today. We have the largest alignment pit in the state of Wisconsin, and our team of experienced truck and trailer technicians uses state-of-the-art Hunter Alignment equipment to properly align your truck and trailer. This includes checking and adjusting the camber, caster, and toe to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned. We recommend that truck and trailer alignment be performed at least once a year or more frequently if you notice any of the signs of poor alignment or get new tires installed.

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At Block Diesel Repair, we understand the importance of proper truck and trailer alignment for your fleet. Our distinguished facility, specialized equipment, and team of experienced technicians are committed to providing the quality services your fleet deserves.

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The service these guys give is awesome. Prices are very fair, and the work they do is fantastic. Good customer service, quality work and great price.
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Great job. My mechanic Mitch did an incredible job. Arrived exactly on time. Finished the repair in record time and the price was very reasonable. And all on a Sunday morning. Great job! Keep up the awesome service.

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They got me right in when I needed a repair during a trip. Fair pricing with quality work. Went there worried since on the road repairs can go so wrong but left very happy.