Truck Axle Repair Services in Janesville, WI

Axles transfer power from the drivetrain to the wheels. If they’re not functioning properly, you could be in for a bumpy ride. At Block Diesel Repair in Janesville, Wisconsin, we offer reliable and quick axle repair services to help keep everything running smoothly.

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Common Causes of Axle Failure

Axles are built to last, but neglecting proper maintenance can lead to suspension problems, steering difficulties, and uneven tire wear. Improper lubrication, contamination, and collision damage are the three most common causes of axle failure. If these issues aren't resolved by a professional, the axle shaft may get bent, warped, or snapped in half.

Light-Duty Axle Repair

Worn-out bearings are the most common issue we see with light-duty diesel trucks. Our mechanics will inspect and replace the bearings as needed to ensure everything rotates smoothly and there's no friction build-up causing excessive heat, vibration, or noise.

Medium-Duty Axle Repair

Medium-duty trucks are susceptible to overstressed and overloaded axles. To avoid straining the axles, pay attention to load positioning and distribution. Keep in mind the "80% rule"—you should only load 80% of the truck's capacity. We inspect the axles and related components for any signs of damage or potential faults to ensure optimal performance.

Heavy-Duty Axle Repair

Heavy-duty diesel trucks have heavy-duty axles, but that still doesn’t mean they can’t suffer from the added stress of heavy cargo. Compared to other axles, they are more likely to experience problems with connected components like your driveshafts. Our mechanics will inspect the axles for any signs of damage or potential faults and replace them as needed to ensure optimal performance.

Taking Care of Your Axles

Preventive maintenance and inspection are key to keeping your diesel truck on the road. During a maintenance appointment, our mechanics will inspect the axles and related components, including the bearings, differential, drive shafts, and universal joints. They will also check for leaks and other signs of wear or damage, especially on your bearings.

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The service these guys give is awesome. Prices are very fair, and the work they do is fantastic. Good customer service, quality work and great price.
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Great job. My mechanic Mitch did an incredible job. Arrived exactly on time. Finished the repair in record time and the price was very reasonable. And all on a Sunday morning. Great job! Keep up the awesome service.

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Thank you so much to Greg. We had an emergency after hours and he quickly got us and our horses back on the road. We are beyond grateful.

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They got me right in when I needed a repair during a trip. Fair pricing with quality work. Went there worried since on the road repairs can go so wrong but left very happy.