Truck Driveline Repair Services in Janesville, WI

The driveline is a vital component of your diesel fleet, responsible for transferring power from the transmission to the wheels. At Block Diesel Repair in Janesville, Wisconsin, our gifted technicians are knowledgeable and skilled at driveline maintenance and repairs.

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Why Does Your Fleet's Driveline Matter?

Your fleet's driveline is a complex system that requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The driveline is responsible for transferring power from the transmission to the wheels and compensating for the difference in distance that the outside and inside wheels travel when turning. If your driveline fails, you risk overheating, uneven tire wear, and worn bearings. 

When Should You Get Your Driveline Serviced?

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the proper function of your fleet's driveline. The differential undergoes heavy loads that can lead to increased heat and wear, and it is covered in thick gear oil to reduce friction and improve performance. We recommend changing the differential fluid every 30,000 to 60,000  miles, with more frequent service appointments for those hauling heavy loads. It is also important to regularly inspect and replace worn-out components, monitor for leaks, and grease bearings to maintain optimal performance levels.

Maintaining Your Fleet's Driveline

By regularly inspecting the driveshaft, axles, and transmission for signs of wear and damage, you can prevent damage to your fleet's driveline. It is crucial to keep an eye out for fluid levels, grease on your bearings, leaks, and worn-out components. We can guarantee that by following these tips, you'll be able to stay on top of driveline maintenance.

Our Driveline Repair Service

We at Block Diesel Repair suggest having both the front and rear differentials flushed during your driveline service appointment. Although most fleet owners are aware of the need for regular oil changes, they may not realize that their differentials also require maintenance. Differentials are more intricate than they seem, and as time passes, their gear oil breaks down, making it less efficient at transferring power. During our driveline service, the old fluid will be drained and replaced with fresh, new oil by our mechanics.

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Driveline repairs are no easy feat. At Block Diesel Repair, our certified technicians are trained to perform all types of driveline repairs, regardless of the damaged parts.

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The service these guys give is awesome. Prices are very fair, and the work they do is fantastic. Good customer service, quality work and great price.
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Great job. My mechanic Mitch did an incredible job. Arrived exactly on time. Finished the repair in record time and the price was very reasonable. And all on a Sunday morning. Great job! Keep up the awesome service.

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Thank you so much to Greg. We had an emergency after hours and he quickly got us and our horses back on the road. We are beyond grateful.

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They got me right in when I needed a repair during a trip. Fair pricing with quality work. Went there worried since on the road repairs can go so wrong but left very happy.