Truck Exhaust System Repair Services in Janesville, WI

Block Diesel Repair is your one-stop shop for reliable and professional truck repair services in Janesville, Wisconsin. Our team of certified technicians specializes in providing top-notch exhaust system maintenance and repair services to ensure your fleet operates at a high level of performance.

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Importance of Exhaust System Maintenance

Your fleet’s exhaust system is responsible for routing the exhaust gases produced by your engine out of the vehicle, while housing all the components of your fleet’s after-treatment systems. Your fleet's exhaust systems run through the bottom of your trucks and are constantly exposed to road debris, rocks, and other residues. This exposure makes them susceptible to corrosion, rust, and leaks, which can lead to a decrease in power, acceleration, fuel economy, and even health concerns for your operators due to exhaust gases seeping into the cabin. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent these issues and ensure that your trucks are always performing at their best.

Signs of Exhaust System Issues

If you notice loud or unusual noises, decreased performance, strong exhaust smells, decreased fuel efficiency, or rust or corrosion, it's time to have your exhaust system inspected and maintained. Despite their crucial role, exhaust systems are prone to damage due to their position on your trucks. Ignoring these signs may lead to a decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel economy, and it can also pose a safety risk to your operators.

Our Emission System Services

At Block Diesel Repair, we offer preventive maintenance services that include checking everything from broken pipes to complex computer procedures that test the efficiency of the exhaust and emission system. Our certified technicians are trained and experienced to work on all truck exhaust systems and models, ensuring that your fleet is in good hands.

We use computer-controlled, high-tech equipment to diagnose and repair your truck's exhaust system to satisfy DOT regulations on maintenance standards of commercial vehicles. We also offer proper maintenance schedules and regular inspections of the exhaust system to ensure that it is always operating at its best.

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Trust Block Diesel Repair for all your exhaust system needs in Janesville, Wisconsin. Our team of certified technicians offers professional and reliable emission system repair services that keep your fleet operating optimally!

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The service these guys give is awesome. Prices are very fair, and the work they do is fantastic. Good customer service, quality work and great price.
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Jeremy Shirah

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Great job. My mechanic Mitch did an incredible job. Arrived exactly on time. Finished the repair in record time and the price was very reasonable. And all on a Sunday morning. Great job! Keep up the awesome service.

Brit Payjack

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Thank you so much to Greg. We had an emergency after hours and he quickly got us and our horses back on the road. We are beyond grateful.

Tim Braun

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They got me right in when I needed a repair during a trip. Fair pricing with quality work. Went there worried since on the road repairs can go so wrong but left very happy.